Hearts Full of Grace, Inc. is pleased to introduce The Y.E.S.S Impact Program. The YESS Impact Program stands for Youth Engaged in Service and Social Development. The program is geared toward youth looking to get involved in community and personal development.

Throughout five days, the YESS Program will guide selected youth through social,interpersonal, and other developmental skills through the lens of community building. The YESS Program is perfect for youth with a desire to serve their communities and become more developmentally well-rounded. After the program, students will be more equipped as leaders and fruitful citizens.

If you are interested in getting a youth involved in the YESS Program, please refer to the flyer on the left for dates and times, and fill out the interest form below. If you have any questions, please contact theyessimpact@gmail.com.

The YESS Impact Program Interest Form

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Number of youth participating and ages